Long Prairie Grey Eagle Elementary  

Weekly Announcements

March 18-22, 2019

Monday, March 18

School Board Meeting, 6:00 pm, Room 209

Lunch: (Wg) Corn dog, golden hash brown patty, steamed broccoli, bush’s baked beans, fruit choices

Tuesday, March 19

Staff: Morning Activity, 7:30 am, MPR

Staff: AIT Meeting, 3:30 pm

Lunch: (Wg) Fry bread beef taco, spanish brown rice, shredded romaine lettuce, diced roma tomatoes, whole kernel corn, fruit choices

Wednesday, March 20

Grading window opens at Noon

Lunch: (Wg) Taco pizza, shredded lettuce, fresh pico de gallo salsa, fresh cut cauliflower, fresh cut jicama sticks, fruit choices

Thursday, March 21

Lunch: (Wg) Crunchy chicken with tortilla wrap, torn romaine lettuce, diced roma tomatoes, steamed green beans, fruit choices

Friday, March 22

End of 3rd Quarter

Staff: K-6 Meeting, 7:30 am, Room 115

Thunder Wear Day

Lunch: (Wg) Garlic cheese french bread, homemade marinara sauce, fresh cut broccoli, fancy mixed vegetables, fruit choices

Upcoming Events

March 25 - There is school on this day. Change on school calendar. It will be an “A” day

March 27 - Grading window closes 12:00 pm

March 28 - SOTM “Friendship” 8:20 am, big gym

April 3 - Early Childhood Screening 12:00-6:00 pm; 21st Century Staff Meeting, 7:30 am, Room 422

April 4 - Spring Pictures, April 15 will receive proof of photo with order form, due April 22

April 11 - Kindergarten Roundup, information will be mailed out, 4:30 or 6:30 pm

April 12 - 2nd grade Grandparent’s Day 9:00 am-10:30 am, cafeteria

April 15 - School Board Meeting 6:00 pm, Room 209

April 28 - No BOLT

April 19 & 22 - No School

April 23 - Midterm - 4th Quarter

April 26 - 5th grade Math Masters