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Mr. Blanchard

Mr. Dave Blanchard ~ English

Mr. Blanchard

Greetings to one and all!  This year I am once again teaching English 12 and ninth grade English. I really enjoy this teaching assignment, as it enables me to see this students as they first enter high school, and then see (some of) them again on their way out of the secondary setting.  My supervisory period is served during 4th hour, where I supervise a study hall in my regular classroom. I am available for parent contact immediately before and after school by phone or in person. My preference would be an email, which will generate a response within 48 hours.

I am available everyday during my 5th period prep. In addition, before and after school is an excellent time for a student to get extra help, make up a test or quiz, or discuss their grade or upcoming project.

All people wishing to contact me are invited to send me an email, (preferred) at "dblanchard@lpge.org"; or telephone me at school: (732-2194 ex. 1308); or at my home: (732-8100). If you call me at home, please call before 9:00 pm.