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Pet Peeves

Be nice! Courtesy and respect to one another and the instructor, whether subs or Mr. B. is all it takes to get along well in this room. 

Bullying, put downs, insults, or other forms of disrespect will not be tolerated. All ideas are worthy of the respect of all.

Interrupting speakers is an issue for all. Whoever is speaking deserves the right to finish without being interrupted, whether a student or a teacher or a visitor.

Learners have the right to learn, and teachers have the right to teach. Respect the different learning styles that exist, especially if they are different than your own. Sometimes teachers are students, and sometimes students are teachers. Anything or anyone that interferes with others' right to learn is unacceptable in the classroom.

Racism, sexism, or other "isms" are not acceptable, period.

Bathroom visits, while a right, are also a privilege. Abuse of Mr. Blanchard's good nature in this area will result in restrictions...

Do not write on the whiteboards without permission.

Do not erase on the whiteboards with anything other than whiteboard erasers. (Fingers leave behind oils which subsequently cause smudges and smears.)

Video gaming is NEVER acceptable in this classroom. If you are finished with all of your current assignments in this class, you may read or work on a future assignment.

Music undeniably helps some learners and hurts others. Thus, personal music choices must be at a low enough level to be inaudible to others. If anyone can hear your headphones besides you, then your music is too loud.