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STUDENTS- Important Eligibility Info


Each year in the spring, the LPGE Band participates in Large Group Contest.  Some of the students also participate in Solo and Ensemble.    Since these are High School League Events, all participating students Must have a signed MSHSL Eligibility Statement on File.  If you have already registered and are already a participant in another activity, it is likely that you have already signed this statement electronically.  

If Band is the only activity you participate in, you will need to sign this form. You can do it electronically.  Follow the link below to register and electronically sign the Eligibility statement.   Note: there is NO activity fee for participating in Band Class, Pep Bands, or Large Group/Solo Ensemble Contests.   Please contact Mr. Speer if you have any questions.  

Here is the link to the schools Activity Registration (the Eligibility statement is here)  

Registration for Athletics and Activities