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Aksamit Transportation provides transportation for public and private school students in the Long Prairie-Grey Eagle School District.

Riding the buses is determined by the following criteria:
• Elementary: Students who live more than 1 mile from school
• High School: Students who live more than 2 miles from school

In-town Shuttle
In-town Shuttle buses can be ridden from the sites listed  below.

Bus #11: 3rd St SW and 2nd Ave SW
Bus #12: 6th st SW and 3rd Ave SW
Bus #14: Co Rd 86 and Fairview Ave
Bus #15: Marquette St and 4th Ave NE
Bus #15:9th St NE and 2nd Ave NE
Bus #16: Todd St S and 2nd Ave S
Bus #17: 8th St SE and 2nd Ave SE
Bus #17: 9th St NE and Central Ave
Bus #18: 3rd St S and 6th Ave S
Bus #18: 421 Todd St S
Bus #19: 2nd St N and 2nd Ave N
Bus #20: 6th St NE and 3rd Ave N

Contact Information:
Aksamit Transportation
Mike and Jenny Aksamit
(320) 732-2795