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Mary Holman Emblom

Mary Holman Emblom,
Attendance and Community Education Secretary

Mary Holman Emblom

  The success of your child at LPGE Elementary school  begins with regularly attending school.  Our wonderful staff  cannot instruct your student if they are not in school.  We  do understand that some appointments during the day  cannot be avoided, but if possible try to make  appointments during non-school days or after school.  For  the safety of your student we have the following policy in  place.

Student coming in late:  Sign them "in" at the Elementary Office
Student leaving early: Sign them "out" at the Elementary Office
Student absent for the day: A phone call, email or note excusing the absence is required.  If the student is ill for 3 or more consecutive days, a note from the doctor's office is required.  (If no notice is given to the office, the absence is marked as unexcused).  

Please call or email with attendance information or questions:
[email protected]

Thank you